A World Without Coffee?


It’s international coffee weekend! Help us celebrate coffee’s true heroes: the farmers. Non-profit Pontis is helping Latin American farmers out of rural poverty by teaching them to become farming entrepreneurs. Like and share our video, and please donate to this worthwhile cause. You can also make your own video and be entered to win! Donate and learn more here: http://www.pontissmallfarms.com #worldwithoutcoffee #nationalcoffeeday


CoffeeOn Sept 29-Oct 1st, the world will be celebrating their love of coffee. Both National Coffee Day (Sept 29th) and International Coffee Day (Oct 1st) will see people across the globe savoring their favorite cup of java.

We at Pontis Nicaragua would like to call attention to the “true” coffee heroes: The small, rural farmers who live in poverty but continue to bring products, such as coffee, to your favorite coffee shops, homes and workplaces.

Pontis (https://pontisnicaragua.org) is a small, scrappy non-profit that is helping lift farmers in Latin America out of poverty by improving their living conditions, teaching better farming techniques and providing business skills basics. These farmers who start with an average income of $2.50 PER DAY grow through the Pontis Sustainable Agriculture Program to become entrepreneurs, thrive with their enterprise farms, and with time purchase land. These small farm families grow a prosperous future.

We need your help. On Sept. 29th we will be launching a social media campaign called “A World Without Coffee” to benefit the Latin America farmers. You and your company can help our efforts through one or more of the following ways:

– Like and Share our World Without Coffee video. The more people we reach, the better the visibility for Pontis and our goal of raising $10,000 to provide sustainable small farm education to more farm families.

– Create your own video! What would your world be like without coffee? How would you get by? Or would you? What creative ways would you use to wake up? Get your coworkers and/or your kids involved! It can be simple, but your efforts will again help us spread the word. Plus, we will award $250 for the best video. Just follow the steps:

  1. Make your video and have fun!
  2. Tag a friend and ask them what their world would be like without coffee
  3. Post it to your favorite social media channels. Make sure to include the Pontis landing page pontissmallfarms.com and hashtag #worldwithoutcoffee

– And of course, you can donate! Do you sometimes buy that stranger a cup of coffee in the Starbucks drive through line as a random act of kindness? This year, think about donating to the farmers instead. Giving back the equivalent of a cup of coffee to the farmers will provide a farmer one more class or on-farm mentoring visit.  Imagine the difference you made helping one more farmer see her family eating each day, participating in the market economy and growing a sustainable future for her children.

Thanks for reading and we hope you will have some fun with us while participating in a very worthy charity effort!

Sincerely, Brad Allen, Director of Engagement, Pontis
Melinda Zimmerman-Smith, President, Lighthouse Communications